Jun. 10, 2024 - 9:34PM



I write this post from the Sick Bay in the Health Center of my summer camp.

I am so sad because I fell violently ill last night. I was vomiting and spitting up bile all night. I tried to run to the nearest restroom the first couple times I threw up, but the second time I ended up doubled over, throwing up into the dirt while I was walking. Then I decided to "sleep" (it was a sleepless night) with the trash can next to me. This is the worst stomach bug I've had in my entire life and I'm serious! Usually I just vomit once and I'm good. So anyway I've been in the Sick Bay all day resting and recovering. Can't eat at all or drink much water. But at around 11 I plan to get up, wash out my water bottle (the germs inside of which likely being what got me sick), and heat up some chicken broth my sweet friend & coworker bought me on her night out. It's also technically my night out but of course I did nothing except be sick and be sad.

I am especially sad because I was very excited for this week. Yesterday was Sunday, the day of the week when new groups of kids get here. Last week my cabin was so so terrible (what is known as a "hell cabin;" the kids were just. wow) and this week it seems like the group of kids is so much better!! And me and my co-counselor (who is very sweet, we switch cabins & cos every week at my camp) have a CIT to teach this week. So I was so excited. And I'm just sad that I'm sick and stuff.


I think I'm gonna hop on Wizard101 for a little bit. Try to make the best of this shitty night off!

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